Scrapbooking: How To Get Unstuck

paper crafting scrapbooking

If you’re an avid scrapbooker, you’re probably an avid collector, too. Papers, adhesives, eyelets, stickers, punches, and much more.

But all this wonderful stuff can sometimes be our downfall. 

Why? Too many choices.

Just the thought of wading through our mountain of supplies to find the perfect items can be exhausting! So we opt out of deciding and put off scrapbooking until later.

Later, we rinse and repeat. So six months pass, and we’re still “getting around to” making a layout. This is so common that author Barry Schwartz has written a book to describe what he calls The Paradox of Choice. (Friends of ours saw my craft room and told me about the book.  🙂  )

How To Get Moving?

Face it; we’re NOT getting rid of our stuff. So how do we shake this paralysis? My one great tip is this: Choose a handful of decorative elements for your layout–or even for an entire theme album–and work ONLY with those for this project.

Think of it as a fun challenge, and remember that all your great stuff will be waiting for your next layout!

Here’s My Example

I used that tip to pull myself out of my creative paralysis. Here are the items I chose:

  • 5 1/4-inch Square Pages
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Decorative Stamps with Ink
  • Photo Mats Cut in Different Sizes
  • A Theme: A Mini Album for a Young Daughter

I used these materials to create a template for a mini book. After I had limited my materials, chosen the page size, and selected a theme, the rest was easy!

I designed 10 pages very quickly, using scrap paper. Because this was a template and not an actual scrapbook, I wrote design notes on my pages—notes like the dimension of each photo frame and the spot I wanted to reserve for journaling.

Later, when I’m ready to create scrapbooks, I’ll choose my papers and embellishments according to the template, and finish each one in no time!

No More Quagmire!

I punched through weeks of mental quicksand just by forcing myself to simply. If you’re feeling stuck, why not give your creativity a boost by simplifying YOUR choices?

Choose four or five scrapbook supplies to work with, avoid overthinking it, and get to work! And just in case you need a little help, here are some possible items for your list, in no special order:

  • Decorative Stickers
  • Paper Punches
  • Stencils
  • Markers
  • Colored Pencils or Pens
  • Stamps with Ink or Paint
  • Brads
  • Glitter
  • Eyelets
  • Die Cut Letters or Shapes
  • Decorative Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Paper Trimmers

Go Forth and Conquer!

Scrapbooking is fun only when we actually DO it! So if you’ve been stuck, I hope simplifying your options turns on your creativity and helps you get unstuck. (I certainly need to do that more often.)

Now get out there and let your creativity flow! And if you're on Facebook, please visit Bess Lee Handmade and leave me a comment to let me know how it goes.