My New Toy: The Big Shot!

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If you’re a scrapbooker, you probably have twice the tools and materials any sane crafter needs. But collecting and using all that stuff is so much fun, how can we resist?

Besides, all this great stuff brings out our creativity and saves us time. Or maybe we just like playing with it. Either way, in our world, these cool things are indispensable. 

My New Toy

Speaking of indispensable, my newest toy is a Sizzix Big Shot die cut machine. I’ve had it for one day, and I’m already crazy about it.

Years ago, I bought two QuicKutz Squeeze die-cut tools to cut scrapbook page titles. QuicKutz had the largest set of alphabets around and a huge number of image dies for embellishing pages. I found great prices online and built a collection over several years. But then…

An Unexpected Change

While I wasn’t looking, the QuicKutz company discontinued this little gem.

I guess that’s no tragedy. My other scrap-friends used to complain that using the tool hurt their wrists. And when Squeeze became uncomfortable for me to use, I started my search for a better die-cut tool.

Enter the Big Shot

After searching the Internet for options, I chose the Big Shot.

This cute little machine feels very sturdy, yet lightweight enough to travel. It worked perfectly on my test title, cutting most of the letters for the title in one pass.

Cutting with the Big Shot couldn’t be easier. After stacking the paper, dies, and cutting pads, I placed this die-cut “sandwich” on the bed of the machine and slid it forward. Then I slowly rotated the handle until the “sandwich” came out the other side.

In seconds I could see the cut letters emerging from the back of the machine. I was thrilled that cutting letters would now be faster, easier, and painless.

The Bonus

My research suggested that I’d need an adapter to cut my “wafer-thin dies.” So I bought one.

When I tested the Big Shot, though, I followed the cutting platform’s instructions for cutting wafer-thin dies using the cutting pads that came with the machine. That technique worked perfectly!

So if you buy this machine to cut your QuicKutz dies, you shouldn’t need the adapter.

Just One Regret

So now, I have only one regret: I didn’t buy more of the QuicKutz alphabet sets while they were still in production. I had no idea they would go away.

I’ve seen a few sets for sale on eBay, but nothing like the variety that used to be available. And apparently, no other company has tried to fill that gap.

A Good Choice

So, the good news is that Big Shot is a great die-cut tool. It cuts multiple QuicKutz dies at once, and it’s sturdy, it’s portable, and it needs no computer or electric power to work. The bonus?  Big Shot cuts dies from several companies.

I’m very happy to have Big Shot join my gang of craft tools and look forward to learning more about its uses.

What about you? How do YOU like to make your scrapbook and greeting card titles–handwritten, stickers, die-cuts? Please come on over to Facebook and share your favorite techniques and tips!

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