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It’s back. Whether you’re overjoyed or a little sad about it, the fall holiday season has arrived at last.

Many of us love this time of year–its aromas, decorations, and sounds, its parties, food, and family times. I hope you’re one of those people.

Not All of Us Are Giddy

Let’s remember, though, that not everyone enjoys the holidays. Past hurts and major life changes like the passing of loved ones, family break-ups, and financial troubles can leave many among us blue during the holidays.

So let’s reach out to hurting family, friends, and neighbors and do what we can to brighten their holidays.

If you’re struggling during this season, I humbly suggest that you reach out for help. The people around you may not know you’re in pain, or maybe they just don’t know how to help you. So tell them.

And if you can, help someone else who’s hurting. That might just boost your mood and help you forget your troubles for a little while.

The Classic Film Tells The Story

The movie, It’s A wonderful Life is a great example: While the townspeople are shopping, decorating, caroling and celebrating, George Bailey is quietly dying inside. His situation is messy and painful. He’s going through the fire and suffering quietly.

But his friends hear about his dilemma and each one rushes to his side to offer what little aid he or she can. Together, they clean up the entire mess and help George remember the joy of Christmas and the love of family and friends.

Each friend made George’s situation just a bit brighter, and George Bailey–who never cared about material wealth–realized what a rich man he really was.

The Good and the Not-So-Good

If you’re a scrapbooker, I hope you scrapbook real life—not just the “giddy” celebrations. Scrapbooks can celebrate all of our lives, and like the movie, life is sometimes messy and painful.

So maybe the start of the holiday season is a good time not only to remember to cheer up our hurting neighbors, but also to start including scrapbook pages that honor some of our less-than-happy times.

These can add richness, depth, and an inspirational spark to our scrapbooks.

Meanwhile, I wish you joy, peace, and time with your loved this holiday season. Ad I wish you extra hugs and smiles to share with those who need them most.

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